“I can’t trust cloud services anymore.”

I’m a big fan of the podcast Reply All (subscribe here). The most recent episode is about Picturelife, a photo sharing service that recently pulled all of its users’ photos offline. They just completely vanished one day. Host Alex Goldman interviewed one of Picturelife’s co-founders—Charles Forman, who sold the company—but who lost 93,000 of his own photos along with everybody else:

ALEX: And so I asked Charles, like, “What are you gonna do with your pictures from now on?”

CHARLES: I am going to save them to a hard drive on a RAID system, which means it’s, uh, it’s like physical set of disks in my apartment. I just feel like I cannot–I can not trust … I can’t trust cloud services anymore.

ALEX: As a person who founded a (laughing) cloud service that’s, like, a really big thing to say. That’s, like, a really big statement.

The story still hasn’t completely unfolded, but hopefully this kind of attention will help these users recover their lost photos sooner than later.

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud, or on Gimlet Media’s website.